Renegade Reporting's Stephen Seidel on Edgemar Center for Arts Blog

Renegade Reporting's Stephen Seidel recently trained with Brad Garrett at the Edgemar Center for the Arts to sharpen his comedic timing. Brad is a very educated, passionate, and nurturing instructor. 

Everyone involved in the class grew by leaps and bounds. Take a look at the recent blog post with my class review. Enjoy! http://www.edgemarcenter.org/blog/?p=2219

I highly suggest Brad's class if you want to excel in timing, pace, transitioning, and lifting the scene off the page. -Stephen Seidel

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Renegade Reporting Hosts TriggLa.Tv's 'Film Nutz' Podcast

Renegade Reporting's Stephen Seidel and Chad Hugghins are now co-hosting Trigger Street Production's TriggLa Tv's new podcast, Film Nutz.

They review a classic indie or studio film, as well as a recent online short sensation. The show is peppered with Skype interviews, Celebrity Riders (Green Room Requests), Facebook Shout-outs, and many more quirky quips. Andy McCallie is on board to help Produce.

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Renegade Reporting: Body Intention with Naada Guerra

Renegade Reporting's Stephen Seidel took to the Griffith Observatory with Body Intention's Naada Guerra. They explored the sites, stretched towards a new tomorrow, and jumped off a 40 foot tree. Check it out, as they unleash on you! James Dean might even make a cameo....

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Renegade Reporting: Across the World

Renegade Reporting was on hand for a reading via Skype featuring people from Australia, LA, NY and Charlotte of a Martin McDonough play, "Behanding in Spokane".

This was part of Skype Theater Project. 

The overall ability to read across the globe, was monumental. Now I want to do readings with actors in Ireland, Egypt, and ....Zimbabwe next time.   -Stephen SeidelRenegadeReporting.com
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