Renegade Reporting: LA Business Today on CityView 35

Stephen Seidel from Renegade Reporting interviewed Co-hosts of LA Business Today. Bob and Sharon Jimenez have over 50 years of television hosting experience and can be seen every Monday on CityView 35 programming in Los Angeles. 

Bob Jimenez was the first Latino correspondent at NBC Nightly News in the 70's and has a total of 11 Emmy Nominations. Sharon Jimenez is the president of Icon Imaging PR, producer on 'Gerrymandering', Chairman of Bring Hollywood Home, as well as previous campaign manager for Dennis Kucinich. Stephen had the unique opportunity to visit CityView 35 Studios in Downtown Los Angeles last week during a live taping.

Given the state of the world coupled with globalization, the future of LA Business is more important now, then ever. As a concerned community citizen, it is your duty to support small business owners, as well as visionaries from 'Green' companies to help revitalize the economy. We must all vote with our dollars to make an impact, beginning at home. And we all know, "Home is where the heart is."-Stephen Seidel, Renegade Reporting

Renegade Reporting Sizzle Reel coming soon! 

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Renegade Reporting on IMDB, Gotta Hand it To You, Gus Van Sant Opening

Renegade Reporting finally on IMDB. It's about time, got a production credit for producing festival bound short film, May Mercy Lie, in addition to being hired for two films by Sarah Mohen to Renegade Report during her openings.

In addition, Renegade Reporting's Stephen Seidel is featured in Anne Marie's Fox's Photography Blog, as well as her 'Gotta Hand it to You' Blog.

In addition, Renegade Reporting's Stephen Seidel recently attended a gallery exhibit showcasing Gus Van Sant's water color paintings, with Oscar host, James Franco. Stephen spoke with Gus in lengths about the similarities between his feature length film starring Matt Damon and Casey Affleck and Stephen's short film, May Mercy Lie.

Renegade Reporting Sizzle Reel coming soon! -Stephen Seidel

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