Renegade Reporting: Artivist Film Festival

As soon as I walked onto the Red Carpet at the Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Blvd for the 7th Annual Artivist Film Festival, I could feel a strong sense of community. Everyone supported each others' beliefs and desire for change. They were artists, they were activists, they were... Artivists.
2010 Honorees Peter Fonda, Barbara Pyle, and Avis Richards were in attendance. Fonda nailed it in 'Easy Rider'. Barbara Pyle started it, with 'Captain Planet and the Planeteers' back in the 80's. Avis Richards brought it, with her film 'Lunch', by pinpointing school's nutritional needs.

Lights, camera, action were quick to follow, while I may or may not have gotten Peter Fonda to let me wear his world famous shades. Many other stars also supported, such as: Vanessa Williams, Boris Kodjoe, Frances Fisher, Esai Morales, Nicole Ari Parker, Jonathan Morgan Heit, Annabelle Gurwitch from Planet Green, and many more. Amazingly, Jerry Maren, an original Lollipop kid from the Wizard of Oz, decided to make an appearance and even show me his rendition of the original song and dance. Maren's book, 'Short and Sweet', looks pretty sweet. Check it!

It proved to be a wonderful night of activism and I am inspired by all those who fight for a better tomorrow. Get out there and vote with your dollar, let your voice be heard, and support local businesses.
Stephen SeidelRenegade Reporting

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Renegade Reporting: SAG Screening of Manhattanites

Renegade Reporting VJ, Stephen Seidel, featured on We Love Soaps TV. Seidel as in attendance at SAG Screening of Manhattanites, where he plays news reporter, Chuck Cooper alongside soap stars such as: Ilene Kristen, Dancing with the Stars' Aiden Turner, Real Housewives of New York's Alex McCord, Lev Gorn and Forbes March.

Executive Producer, Roger Newcomb, as well as director, Gregori J. Martin and other cast members hosted a Q and A for the attending audience. 


Be sure to stay tuned to future episodes of We Love Soaps for upcoming interviews, as well as Gregori J. Martin's new online soap, The Bay. A special thanks to Damon Jacobs for his photography.

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Renegade Reporting: Backstage with Ed Asner

From the moment I stepped foot in the Pasadena Playhouse, I knew I was in a for a treat. It was Election Night of 2010 in Los Angeles, the city of some of the most heated debates in the nation.

However, all the political hoopla was placed aside as soon as I sat down to view Ed Asner's spectacular display of FDR. His portray not only brought me back in time, but cemented myself in the reality of today. Many of FDR's presidential struggles are still prevalent today. Whether it was, economic woes, conflicting parties, or America's positioning during a time of war. Asner's portrayal showed the true excellence behind FDR's commitment to make the United States a better nation for our children.

It was no surprise that another brilliant artist in his own right, Ed Harris, was there in support of a fellow lifelong thespian. The experience was both informational and entertaining, often a tough cookie to crack, but Asner smashed it...with authority.

Here's an exclusive report with Ed. You have till November 7th to see this masterpiece at the Pasadena Playhouse. You won't be disappointed!
Stephen SeidelRenegade Reporting

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Renegade Reporting: Middle Eastern Comedy Festival Review

When I stepped into the world famous Acme Theater for the 2nd Annual Middle Eastern Comedy Festival, I was feeling the lull of another long day. However, laughter was the cure. When in doubt, laugh it out. Cracking up can also help you slim down, in an attempt to ‘laugh your abs off’. Studies show that laughing 100 times can be the equivalent to riding a bike for 10 minutes. It can also reduce stress, fight infections, and bring about positivity with the release of endorphins. The Middle Eastern Comedy Festival’s ‘Wizard of Oz-lamabad…and Other Fine Farces’ took me on a journey through their wonderful world of acute acumen.

The shows’ creators and producers, Ronnie Khalil and Ryan P. Shrime began with a quick introduction, however the program's Playbill seized my attention. A rhetorical question piqued my interest; “An Islamic Cultural Center near Ground Zero is more offensive than Burlington Coat Factory and some strip clubs?” This argument was followed by other words of wisdom, “…regardless of race, color (or really, any particular shade of brown) or religion, comedy is more powerful than politics, laughter more powerful than distrust.” Which just goes to show you why Jonah Hill might court more ladies than Robert Pattison. And finally, they promised everyone in the audience a starring role on Mad Men next season. Well, gentlemen please talk to my agent, but make sure you tell January Jones, that I have a thing for Dairy Queen girls in polyester.

The sketches themselves were bookended by the main attraction, ‘Wizard of Oz-lamabad’, in which a young Dorothy, dressed in drag, was trying to find her way home. This extremely well written sketch was woven nicely with many Middle Eastern references, such as: Follow the Arabic Road, Wicked Witch of Middle East, and the wicked witch melting in an abundance of oil. The crowd snickered and clapped, as BP reps came out to clean up the spill, but decided otherwise.  A few Oz performances worth noting are Charles Marina as a quirky crazed Monkeydinejad, Meena Dimian as the precociously sly Scarecrow, Dan Alemshah as the flamboyantly gay Tou Tou, and Max Siam as the wounded teddy bear of a Lion.

'Wizard of Oz-lamabad' Sketch

'The Evil Eye' sketch opened the show with a series of scenarios, where Muslim misfortune infected everyone, luckily an Irish Four Leaf Clover saved the day. 'Blind Date' showcased potential pitfalls of dating on Middle E-Harmony with a brilliantly balanced display of schizophrenia by Ursula Taherian on her unsuspecting victim, Ronnie Kahlil. 'Pharaoh' dissected origins of many Eqyptian tales in a classically executed and satire-laced battle of one upmanship by Ryan P. Shrime and Tamara Dhia. However, every actor who stepped on stage brought his or her own diverse background and subtle nuances to contribute towards the multitude of laughs.

'The Evil Eye' Sketch

Overall, this was a valuable learning experience that enlightened many to a new culture, but also embraced the differences amongst us through a celebration of laughter. It was a job well done, because they not only cured a case of the Mondays, but many bigger cases of misconception. We look forward to The Middle East Comedy Festival for many years to come. -Stephen Seidel, RenegadeReporting.com

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Renegade Reporting at General Hospital

Renegade Reporting reviewed the Super Couple from General Hospital for We Love Soaps TV. Kimberly McCullough (Robin) and Michael Sutton (Stone) reveal the news on how they become reacquainted and what's it's like to be reunited after so many years after. 

Robin and Stone were a groundbreaking couple that contracted HIV on daytime television, during the 90's.

Kimberly and Michael share their favorite sandwiches, their first concert, and what is to be expected in upcoming scenes at GH. 

Watch and enjoy!

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Renegade Reporting Finds Another 'Voice' with Joe Buck

Renegade Reporting interviewed Joe Buck after the 2010 All-Star Game in Hollywood, CA.

Stephen Seidel and Joe discussed the importance of nostalgic broadcasters within sports. Given the game is often changing with players switching teams and rules consistently being updated, an announcer is the common thread from season to season, game to game. The announcer is that 'Voice' that brings the game alive and keeps you glued to your seat. 

Play by play commentary is extremely important to the flow of each and every sporting event. I love to turn on the radio from time to time, and just listen to a baseball game the way our ancestors did, to experience with our imagination being guided by these verbal masters. These broadcasters not only must know every player, but also their history, as well as the each and every team's history. Not enough can be said about the 'Voices' of the game.

I remember growing up with Harry Kalas announcing every single Phillies' game I watched. Richie Asburn came and went, but Harry was always a staple for me. I was crushed to hear of his passing, and the 'Voice' behind Michael Jack Schmidt's 500 homerun "Outta Here..." still rattles around my head to this day.

Many broadcasters I've grown to know and love, slowly move on and are replaced, but one remains as an icon in sportscasting, Joe Buck, son of longtime broadcasting legend Jack Buck. Thank you Joe, for both your dedication and knowledge of the game. I look forward to enjoying your 'Voice' for years to come.

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Renegade Reporting: WeLoveSoapsTV at "The Bay" Fundraiser

Stephen Seidel and Renegade Reporting has partnered with We Love Soaps TV and was on hand for exclusive fundraising coverage at Henry's Hat for the new webisoap, 'The Bay'. 'The Bay' was created by Gregori J. Martin, executive produced by Eric Zuley, and produced by Tristan Rogers.

Please support this wave of new media for your dramatic entertainment. It's our future!

Many soap stars from past and present were in attendance. Please take a look as I interview Mary Beth Evans, Charles Shaughnessy, Lily Melgar, Nadine Stenovitch, and Home Makeover's John Littlefield.
Please view the first installment.


Check the comments from Episode 62, as quoted by fans..
"The interviewer is really good on camera, very comfortable and easy to watch." "Fun interview." "I loved watching the interview!" "Awesome interviews!"

In addition, Stephen also interviewed Matthew Ashford, Martha Madison, and Real Andrews in the second installment.

Photo Credit: Carol Wawame and please visit: www.thebaytheseries.com  

On another note, Stephen is not only a host, but a seasoned actor, please view Imdb, and Reel.

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Renegade Reporting at OOA Peace & Justice Banquet at Paul Haggis House w/Ed Asner, Oliver Stone, Maxine Waters, and Kris Kristofferson

Stephen Seidel and Renegade Reporting were in attendance at a private party at Paul and Deborah Haggis' house honoring peace activists Ed Asner and Danny Glover for Office of the America's Peace and Justice Awards. The event was hosted by Mimi Kennedy and Shae Popovich and run by several volunteers such as Sharon Jimenez, Sean Moran, Lois Davis, Frank Dorrel, Theresa and Blase Bonpane, myself, and many more kind souls. 

Kris Kristofferson was there to share his wonderful songs, as well as KB Solomon, and the OOA Songsters. Maxine Waters accepted on behalf of Danny Glover and shared some of her recent efforts. Ron Kovic and Oliver Stone also donated both their time and money towards the cause.

Here's a sneak peek into a few photos with the man from behind the camera, Stephen Seidel. Thanks so much to Bob Jimenez for his talented photography skills. 

Please contact me if you'd like more footage from the event. Kris sang 3 songs, Ed Asner nailed his thank you speech, KB Solomon was a force, Blase Bonpane shared his wisdom and many more guests were there in support. 

Blase and Theresa Bonpane, founders of OOA are stepping down from fundraising events to focus more on outreach. Any future volunteer or support can be directed towards the website: www.officeoftheamericas.org

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On another note, Stephen is also a seasoned performer, please view Imdb, and Reel.


Renegade Reporting Featured on Film, 'Eve is Dead'

Stephen Seidel and Renegade Reporting were hired by filmmaker, S.Mohen to open up her film, 'Eve is Dead' in dramatic style with Man on the Street interviews.

'Eve is Dead' chronicles the life of a celebrity and the events that surround her after she dies. Renegade Reporting hit the streets of Hollywood Blvd to investigate the death of current celebrities and socialites on the lives of American people.

RR was faced with many mixed reactions and the interviews played out perfectly for the opening of the film. We even had the chance to interview an officer on his Police-cycle. Suprisingly, he was extremely friendly and wasn't wielding tickets, that was guerilla filmmaking at its finest! Take no prisoners and take every risk. Now...Take a look!

Please view more about the film here: http://www.smohen.com/eve-is-dead.html

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Renegade Reporting: Run Fun at Runyon

Stephen Seidel from Renegade Reporting decided to hit Runyon Canyon for a fit fueled packed day through the dirt and up towards an amazing view of the city of LA.

Runyon a scene and the place to be seen if you're out and about in LA. Get your shorts and shoes on and head on up the mountain. Every day is a new adventure. Time to take a journey, come along for a quick tour!

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Renegade Reporting w/ BCTV: Soleil Moon Frye's 'The Little Seed' for Target

Stephen Seidel from Renegade Reporting was hired by Baby Couture TV to interview entrepreneurial artist extraordinaire, Soleil Moon Frye about her latest clothing line, 'The Little Seed' which is now available in Target.

I remember when I was younger and watched Punky Brewster every week, so many colors. I might have even sent her a hand drawn Crayola picture of her, Henry, and her dog, Brandon. You'll never know!

It was an extreme pleasure to find out the foster child from television came full circle to realize her dreams to become both a wife, mother, and a successful designer.

We also discussed Soleil's new website, MoonFrye.com, favorite tweets at @Moonfrye, her new book, and most importantly, whether or not she still likes to called, "Punky".  Take a look!

This is Soleil's second BC Cover Photo Shoot. Please look for the issue on stands today. 

For more daily baby updates visit: 

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Renegade Reporting: Cain Motter, Credit Card Artist

Stephen Seidel from Renegade Reporting interviews Renegade Artist, Cain Motter about his muse, little plastic cards that ruin people's lives, and maybe help others....who knows.

Cain credits artwork from actual credit cards, as well as a life sized Guillotine made of a deathly credit card. Find more about him on Facebook.

It's wonderful to see a creative man from SoCal standing up for his beliefs and letting his artistic passions do the talking!


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Renegade Reporting w/ WTV Networks (Jackee Harry and Diana Lopez)

Stephen Seidel from Renegade Reporting was hired by WTV Networks to Host the Millions of Milkshakes premiere of Jackee's Harry Vegan Frappe.


In addition, the after party at H-Lounge was filled with a star studded guest list: Tom Green, Sophie Turner, Pamela Hasselhoff and many more. Enjoy!

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Renegade Reporting: Don't Forget the Lyrics w/ Mark McGrath

Stephen Seidel from Renegade Reporting was hired to host the rehearsal run for FOX's 'Don't Forget The Lyrics', while FOX waited for arrival of new host, Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath.

Mark McGrath is replacing the old host, Wayne Brady. Stephen spent the day working with Mark and learning the tricks of the trade both inside and out of hosting and music. 

Mark expressed interest in possibly doing a RR one on one interview, similar to his close friend, Brandon Boyd from Incubus. Can you believe that Sugar Ray has been together 22 years?!?

Stay tuned and here are some pictures from the set.

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Zero Trash in Laguna Beach, Clean up our Ocean Habitats!

Stephen Seidel heads to Laguna Beach to meet Chip McDermott founder or ZeroTrash.org and 1st Saturdays, when local Laguna Beach community members take the streets into their own hands.

Clean up your trash and throw out your cigarette butts because the carcinogens can soak into the ocean.
Let's make tomorrow better for our children.


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We Love Soaps at Gregori J. Martin Bday Bash

On Episode 26, We Love Soaps TV, Stephen Seidel goes on location to interview, Gregori J. Martin, birthday boy and creator of the new indie soap, THE BAY, starring Beth Evans, Tristan Rogers, John Callahan and many more, see it all at WeLoveSoaps and Wtv in Association with Renegade Reporting.


Stephen Seidel has also been brought on board the Wtv crew to do additional red carpet reporting...more to come.

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Renegade Reporting: Gregori J. Martin Bday Bash with Gith PR Clientele

Stephen Seidel slammed the Red Carpet at Hollywood's Top Club, My House with WeLoveSoaps and Wtv in Association with Renegade Reporting.

View this brief snippet with Gith PR Clients, as well as the stunningly beautiful Sophie Turner.

More to come soon on WeLoveSoaps. Stay tuned....

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