Renegade Reporting: Movieville Film Festival, May Mercy Lie Debut

Renegade Reporting's (@RenegadeRptg) first produced film, May Mercy Lie  (@MayMercyLie) premiered at the 1st Annual Movieville Film Festival, and Stephen Seidel (@StephenSeidel) reported live from Sarasota with interviews by ABC 7, as well as a write-up in the Bradenton Herald

Renegade Reporting's film, May Mercy Lie (View Here, password: joshuatree), was both nominated for Best Short Film and impressive in its debut. For more information view www.MayMercyLie.com or @MayMercyLie.

Stephen Seidel's Renegade Reporting red carpet rendezvous hit the nail on the head once again. Stephen's reporting style, as quoted by ID Imaging PR's Sharon Jimenez delivers, "Real questions for real people, but always leaves us wanting more." Simply Delicious by Cheryl cupcakes glazed the red carpet to make the night, twice as nice, with some pretty neat sweets. Sorry Mom, but these cupcakes took the cake, and made my mouth melt in a barrage of July 4th fireworks. 

The founder of the 1st Annual Movieville Film Festival, Alan J. Bailey, gave Renegade an indepth look at what it takes to succeed as a filmmaker. Also, Mad Men's Emmy award winning Sound Mixer, Peter Bentley, shared the sounds that most affect his life, as well as his take on Jon Hamm. Lastly, Stephen Seidel's edutainment style, combines laughter with love, to discover how the local Sarasota community will rival that of LA or NY, with such attributes as the largest green screen in the US, courtesy of Sanborn Studios. 

Support local filmmakers and arts programs, to aid in the creative mind infiltration of our youth, both tomorrow's visionaries and today's renegades. Find the renegade within you, and step outside the box-office. -Stephen Seidel, Renegade Reporting

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Renegade Reporting's May Mercy Lie, Nominated for Best Short Film

Renegade Reporting's first produced film, May Mercy Lie  (@MayMercyLie) has been nominated for Best Short Film in the 1st Annual Movieville Film Festival. See the World Premiere on June 18, 2011 at 2pm in Sarasota, FL. Tickets Here

@RenegadeRptg and @StephenSeidel will be flying in from the Left Coast, and will be renegade reporting, red carpet crawling, and making moves on the Right Coast, aka the 'East'. Hope to see you there. 

Here is the Press Release for May Mercy Lie's World Premiere and Best Short Film Nomination:
Please Contact:  Icon Imaging, Sharon Hardee Jimenez, 310-409-3306 enzah@aol.com


LOS ANGELES- June 14, 2011

Stephen Seidel debuts his first self-produced, acted, and written short film May Mercy Lie at the Movieville International Film Festival.   The short film was shot in California’s beautiful desert outside Los Angeles at Joshua Tree National Park.  www.maymercylie.com

The short film directed by Aaron Courseault, starring Stephen Seidel and Matthew Kevin Anderson, World Premieres at Lakewood Ranch Cinemas, Theater A on June 18, 2011 at 2pm.
May Mercy Lie was inspired by true events about two lifelong friends as they struggle with their unavoidable destiny, leaving only a prayer for mercy.

Stephen Seidel is an actor/producer/and film TV reporter known for his very funny and smart interviews with Hollywood’s top celebrities and the young and hopeful generation of filmmakers who work every day to make it in ‘Tinseltown.”  Stephen Seidel is a familiar voice rising ever stronger in the entertainment industry.  The owner and founder of www.RenegadeReporting.com  the actor/writer/producer/editor is well known interviewer with devotion for storytelling in any medium. 

Stephen Seidel can be reached at Stephen@StephenSeidel.net.  To arrange for an interview please call 646-373-1956. WILL BE ATTENDING MOVIEVILLE FILM FESTIVAL AVAILABLE FOR INTERVIEWS.   Stephen Seidel is a member of the board of directors of www.bringhollywoodhome.org fighting for ways to help independent filmmakers finance and produce films that make a difference.

Seidel is delighted to be a part of the historic launch of the Movieville Film Festival sponsored by Sanborn Studios and CEO Alan J. Bailey.  “If we are going to keep filmmaking in America there are important bridges to be built in our entertainment industry leadership.  Sanborn Studios is offering aspiring filmmakers an audience and a platform to expose their unique vision as American artists.”

Stephen Seidel has acted alongside Adrien Brody in ‘Cadillac Records’,  ‘Guiding Light’, Lionsgate’s zombie thriller, ‘Rise of the Dead’, and guest hosted FOX’s ‘Don’t Forget the Lyrics’ for Mark McGrath.  He is currently featured in a National Kawasaki commercial. 

Aaron Courseault was nominated for a daytime Emmy in for ‘Stranger Adventures’ in 2006. He is an established music video director with over 50 videos for top acts in R&B, Hip-Hop, and Gospel. Recently, Aaron completed directing a series starring Cedric the Entertainer. He also produced and directed Sidney Portier in the short film, ‘Turmoil’. His additional credits include director of ‘First Glance’, ‘Sommore’, and ‘Motives 2’, as well as writer of Sundance’s ‘MacArthur Park’.

Matthew Kevin Anderson just finished a SyFy original film, ‘Doomsday Prophecy’, starring opposite AJ Buckley and Jewel Staite. Anderson also hosted ‘Select’ on MTV Canada, acted alongside Anna Paquin in the feature ‘Trick R’ Treat’, ‘Storm Cell’ with Mimi Rogers, ‘Hardwired’ with Cuba Gooding Jr., and appeared with Brooke Burns in ‘Trial by Fire’.

Mark Nolan (The Collector, Beverly Hills Chihuahua) composed the haunting melodies and deeply moving score. Cinematographer, Robert Morris (Poolhall Junkies) displayed magnificent artistry keeping the viewer amazingly engaged. Still photographer Anne Marie Fox, with past credits of Nickelodeon’s Gigantic and Oscar winning, ‘Precious’, did an equally impressive job. Anonymous Content’s junior producer, Eric Dickinson, was brought on board as the Production Manager, and currently has several television and film projects slated for development.

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Renegade Reporting in Movieville Film Festival, Live on 106.1 Production 6/10, 7:30pm

May Mercy Lie, Renegade Reporting's first film accepted into Movieville Film Festival in Sarasota lead by Alan J. Bailey, former exec at Paramount. 
World Premiere of May Mercy Lie  (@MayMercyLie) on June 18th at 2pm. In addition, Renegade Reporting will be there for Behind the Sarasota Scenes, Red Carpets, Movie Premieres, and A-list VIPs. A special thanks goes out to my Mother for her assistance, and also to Sharon Jimenez for diligent work with promotions, and introducing me to Alan Bailey.

Tonight, Friday June 10th, Renegade Reporting is Live on REDLIPSTICK LA a radio show online, live at 7:30 pm (Pacific) from Los Angeles, with host Meg Schaab, more info at www.1061production.com, which will be a streaming tv/radio show. View archived interview: Click Here.

@RenegadeRptg on Twitter and has been donating dollars for advice, @homelessadvice gives voices to those who deserve to be heard.

With many projects in production, @StephenSeidel is hard at work, and loving it. 

Stephen's Edu-tainment style brings laughter to every experience, and heart to every story, a must have for anyone looking for a multi-talented broadcaster. -Stephen SeidelRenegade Reporting

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