E-Mazing Eights: Thanksgiving Treats

Happy Thanksgiving from LA. I hope you all enjoyed your turkey with all the fixins.
Here is the latest installment of Holiday Renegade Reporting, from the streets.......of my home.

Funny how your geographic upbringing really influences your cooking. 
1. Some say dressing, I say stuffing. 
2. Some say fixins, I say sides. 
3. Some say turkeducken, I say what a stupid man made bird. 
4. Some say pass the cranberry, I say pass the vegetable jello.
5. Some say, wow this tryptophan really makes you tired, I say nothing and just pass the f' out!
6. Some say they are thank-ful, I say, "Full, thanks!"
7. Some say the day before Black Friday, I say the day before there's no way in hell I get up at 4am to wait in line for a 10 dollar 4 megapixel camera at Walmart.
8. Some say leftovers are the best part, I say damn. Left. Over. There are some things that shouldn't be reheated. 

Anyways, today is the day after Thanksgiving. Sometimes once something is heated and reaches maximum potential it should not be re-heated, you will never capture the fire and grace that they once inhabited.

The following is the E-mazing Eight of "What Should Not be Reheated"
8. Sushi
7. Rug Burns
6. Iced Coffee
5. Clinton's testosterone
4. Argument over if your sibling was an accident
3. GF's Hot plate
2. Breast Milk
1. Thanksgiving Leftovers

Stay tuned. 

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