Hosting to the Next Level

Recently, I hosted the LTL Live at Sutra. In addition, I have a few requests out for some red carpet events to be coming up.

Today, Renegade Reporting auditioned for both QVC host, to bring the street to the masses and to the collegiate levels. I dropped my Philadelphia Phillies knowledge and took to the phone lines for the memorabilia sales. I have the goods, now all we need to know is who's buying?

In addition, Renegade Reporting, was brought in to potentially report for a new show on History Channel, 'HOW TO..', using both my scientific background and ability to create physically and mentally. More to come on that. 

LTL Live at Sutra to be unveiled in a week, as well as an updated compilation of Renegade Reporting clips. Ireporter status has been confirmed for CNN, so look for some reports from there. 

Thanks for your support. 

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