Finding Neverland: My Visit to Thru MJ's Gates

Renegade Reporting's Stephen Seidel joins Drew Studio in the Opening of Neverland Ranch's Gates and the Revival of its Floral Decoration.


Wreaths once covered with flowers have been transformed into a massive vigil for the ‘King of Pop’, Michael Jackson. Renegade Reporting, RR, and Drew Studio plant new beginnings for both MJ and his legacy. Neverland is overflowing with fans looking for any possible way to grieve for the icon's death.


Three hours north of Los Angeles, the Gates of Neverland stay closed as fans across the world mourn the loss of Michael. Flowers, signs, gloves, and tons of other memorabilia have been placed at the gates. Many stand motionless at the gates, as if expecting Michael Jackson himself to rise from the dirt in another spectacular performance. However, his music continues to play, the flowers pile higher and higher, but there’s no Michael and no end in sight.


As we arrived, the fans grew excited in anticipation, as if they had been waiting for something to happen. We removed the old weather torn wreaths and began to replace with luscious rose petal filled flowers, just in time for Michael's memorial. This brought new life and energy into the surrounding crowd.


Fans cheered with excitement when each wreath was placed in its place and waited for their opportunity to take part in history. Each individual snapped away and cemented this experience into their hearts and minds forever. MJ has created yet another memory in his supporters.


Earlier today, there was an air of uncertainty at Neverland, which grew more optimistic and enthusiastic with the final positioning of Michael's Memorial Day wreaths.


The fans are finally ready to say goodbye. They have said their thanks, prayers, praises and are finally able to accept the truth of the matter. The King of Pop has left us with many reminders of his true talented gift, whether it is: one silver glove, high water socks with shiny loafers, signature dance moves, A-B-C it’s as easy as 1-2-3, you name it.


The Legend of Pop is flying high with his signature weightless moonwalk, while he walks his way into Musical History.


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