Renegade Reporting: Backstage with Ed Asner

From the moment I stepped foot in the Pasadena Playhouse, I knew I was in a for a treat. It was Election Night of 2010 in Los Angeles, the city of some of the most heated debates in the nation.

However, all the political hoopla was placed aside as soon as I sat down to view Ed Asner's spectacular display of FDR. His portray not only brought me back in time, but cemented myself in the reality of today. Many of FDR's presidential struggles are still prevalent today. Whether it was, economic woes, conflicting parties, or America's positioning during a time of war. Asner's portrayal showed the true excellence behind FDR's commitment to make the United States a better nation for our children.

It was no surprise that another brilliant artist in his own right, Ed Harris, was there in support of a fellow lifelong thespian. The experience was both informational and entertaining, often a tough cookie to crack, but Asner smashed it...with authority.

Here's an exclusive report with Ed. You have till November 7th to see this masterpiece at the Pasadena Playhouse. You won't be disappointed!
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