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The moment I stepped in the door at the LA Convention Center, it was clear that the masterminds behind SET Series Sustainability in LA Conference meant business, on many levels. Recycling bins scattered the interior, information was fed electronically, while the speakers not only believed in the cause, but also showed companies and attendees how to both save money and drive profits.
Here is a picture with the staff of SET Group.

Renegade Reporting was offered the unique opportunity to moderate the January SET Series Conference.  At first, I questioned my credibility, but quickly remembered my history and love for both science and ecology. Some of my science projects in high school consisted of making recycled paper, determining what natural product effectively removed oil spills, and what organic substance successfully repelled Drosophila melanogaster, aka fruit flies. I remember my Mom flipping out because every day I'd accidentally let 'a few' flies escape. After a few minutes of childhood reflection, I came to the conclusion that I've always been a tree hugger of sorts. Strangely enough, ever since Katrina, it seems that green conscious companies and sustainable organizations are now a permanent fixture within society. So I guess it's safe to say, we all hug trees now, and I love it.
The conference focused on Sustainability in LA. Architects from local firms described recent green building and LEED efforts, while surrounding city areas spoke towards their individual accomplishments such as energy smart grids, ice bear for holding ice for cooling, and many new developments in cleantech technology.

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The overall experience was extremely rewarding, and I look forward to the next Conference on February  8th on Sustainability in Education. It's time to recycle our 'green' knowledge to sustain our future, by planting ourselves in a world of trees, love, and plenty of hugs.  -Stephen SeidelRenegadeReporting.com

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You did a fab job moderating, Stephen!