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In an age where people wants everything faster multitasking is the answer to effective time management. But is it really effective, and does it produce better results? Answers vary.

One thing is for sure, multitasking and texting are a bad match. How many times have we seen texting and walking, driving, swimming, or changing a diaper end up badly?
There are tons of productive pairings that save precious seconds in life’s ticking time torch, and Renegade Reporting's Everyday Engineering is here to bring you DIY solutions to life's little problems. Stephen Seidel brings you technology and entertainment all in one, tech-tainment at its finest.When you're in the shower waiting for Head and Shoulders to season your scalp back to the vitality of a teenager, grab a toothbrush to grind those pearly whites. Or grab yourself a razor to shave any stray hairs, and clean everything in a matter of minutes.
Sometimes men opt to use the shower to save seconds from fighting over "not putting the seat down", but this is not recommended. For regular mornings when nature calls, why not kill two birds with one stone? It’s helpful to have a dry erase board of action items to check off such as: filing toenails, tweeting your boss, whitening your teeth, or even reading about the latest celebrity to drive drunk.
Breakfast provides an opportunity for optimization, whether dumping everything in a blender for a smorgasbord shake, or choosing cereal over poached eggs. If choosing cereal, try mixing your Cinnamon Toast Crunch with Orange Juice instead of champagne on Sundays for a magical mimosa toast crunch. Mixing oatmeal and Coffee-mate creamer make a hazelnut haven for anyone in a hurry, or without milk. I dare you to try it, you might be surprised.
Many products also do the job of multitasking FOR you. A keyboard plugin turns your ipad into a typewriter, phone, and videogame all in one. All-in-one bottles of Shampoo/conditioner/bodywash and SPF/moisturizer/make-up combinations are perfect for ladies AND dudes wearing guy-liner.
There are several additional ways to cut your time in half, such as pre-planning, making lists, and organizing. More examples of time savers are: iron everything for the week at once, plan meals before shopping, cook all chicken and meats for easy reheating, pre-cut fruits and veggies into containers for grab and go. For the ultimate mobile snack, I highly suggest gogurt. How else can you quickly down yogurt without a spoon, and escape your begging dog in your kitchen? 
Speaking of pets, you can save an abundance of time when walking your dog or ferret by working out too! Make sure to high step down the sidewalk, shoulder raise your dog, or even lunge your way to that dog park. Upon returning, you and Buffy will both be tired, lying on the ground, and gasping for air.
Other innovative ideas that are fun: washing your hair during a carwash, memorizing a language while sleeping via audio books, separating your grass stained whites from your regular clothes for bleaching, practicing handstands while mopping the floor, doing yoga during a roommate debate, and many more! 

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