Renegade Reporting Featured on Film, 'Eve is Dead'

Stephen Seidel and Renegade Reporting were hired by filmmaker, S.Mohen to open up her film, 'Eve is Dead' in dramatic style with Man on the Street interviews.

'Eve is Dead' chronicles the life of a celebrity and the events that surround her after she dies. Renegade Reporting hit the streets of Hollywood Blvd to investigate the death of current celebrities and socialites on the lives of American people.

RR was faced with many mixed reactions and the interviews played out perfectly for the opening of the film. We even had the chance to interview an officer on his Police-cycle. Suprisingly, he was extremely friendly and wasn't wielding tickets, that was guerilla filmmaking at its finest! Take no prisoners and take every risk. Now...Take a look!

Please view more about the film here: http://www.smohen.com/eve-is-dead.html

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