Renegade Reporting: WeLoveSoapsTV at "The Bay" Fundraiser

Stephen Seidel and Renegade Reporting has partnered with We Love Soaps TV and was on hand for exclusive fundraising coverage at Henry's Hat for the new webisoap, 'The Bay'. 'The Bay' was created by Gregori J. Martin, executive produced by Eric Zuley, and produced by Tristan Rogers.

Please support this wave of new media for your dramatic entertainment. It's our future!

Many soap stars from past and present were in attendance. Please take a look as I interview Mary Beth Evans, Charles Shaughnessy, Lily Melgar, Nadine Stenovitch, and Home Makeover's John Littlefield.
Please view the first installment.


Check the comments from Episode 62, as quoted by fans..
"The interviewer is really good on camera, very comfortable and easy to watch." "Fun interview." "I loved watching the interview!" "Awesome interviews!"

In addition, Stephen also interviewed Matthew Ashford, Martha Madison, and Real Andrews in the second installment.

Photo Credit: Carol Wawame and please visit: www.thebaytheseries.com  

On another note, Stephen is not only a host, but a seasoned actor, please view Imdb, and Reel.

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