Renegade Reporting Finds Another 'Voice' with Joe Buck

Renegade Reporting interviewed Joe Buck after the 2010 All-Star Game in Hollywood, CA.

Stephen Seidel and Joe discussed the importance of nostalgic broadcasters within sports. Given the game is often changing with players switching teams and rules consistently being updated, an announcer is the common thread from season to season, game to game. The announcer is that 'Voice' that brings the game alive and keeps you glued to your seat. 

Play by play commentary is extremely important to the flow of each and every sporting event. I love to turn on the radio from time to time, and just listen to a baseball game the way our ancestors did, to experience with our imagination being guided by these verbal masters. These broadcasters not only must know every player, but also their history, as well as the each and every team's history. Not enough can be said about the 'Voices' of the game.

I remember growing up with Harry Kalas announcing every single Phillies' game I watched. Richie Asburn came and went, but Harry was always a staple for me. I was crushed to hear of his passing, and the 'Voice' behind Michael Jack Schmidt's 500 homerun "Outta Here..." still rattles around my head to this day.

Many broadcasters I've grown to know and love, slowly move on and are replaced, but one remains as an icon in sportscasting, Joe Buck, son of longtime broadcasting legend Jack Buck. Thank you Joe, for both your dedication and knowledge of the game. I look forward to enjoying your 'Voice' for years to come.

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