Renegade Reporting: Manny Perez at Maya Indie Film Series with 'Forged'

Renegade Reporting's (@RenegadeRptg)  with Stephen Seidel (@StephenSeidel) reported live from Hollywood's Sunset 5 for Maya Indie Film Series Screening of William Wedig's 'Forged', starring and produced by Manny Perez.  

Wiliam Wedig's film, 'Forged', won for best film at the HBO Presents, 2010 New York International Latino Film Festival. Wedig has worked with Manny Perez in the past, such as a recent film distributed on DVD, 'La Soga', directed by Wedig's close friend, Josh Crook. Renegade Reporting's Stephen Seidel, had the opportunity to work as an actor with Wedig, on his directorial debut film, 'Rise of the Dead', available on Netflix and online from Lions Gate Entertainment. Forged is also on Facebook.

Stephen visited the screening at the Laemmle Sunset 5 to interview Manny Perez. This dark, gritty and compelling film was shot in Scranton, PA, where the blue-collar backdrop leads nicely to the overall tone. Emmy nominated actress, Margo Martindale, as seen on 'Justified', gives a raw and organically empathetic portrayal of an abused mother in need. Manny Perez's character, Chuco, never ceases to amaze me with his ability expose himeself, even in his most intimate and gut wrenching moments. In addition, David Castro, who plays Chuco's son Machito, is also extremely engaging to watch, exuding an element of magnetic stillness.

Stephen Seidel's Renegade Reporting has covered red carpets, films, events, and many more. Seidel always asks the questions that need to be answered to make an impact, but listening is what he does best. 

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