Renegade Reporting: Huff Post (You Made A Difference, Weird News)

Renegade Reporting's (@RenegadeRptg)  with Stephen Seidel (@StephenSeidel) was featured twice in the past month on the Huffington Post.

The first was a man on the street interview with Cain Motter about his Credit Card Artistry. That premiered in the HuffPost's Weird News Section, and highlighted the video we made for him. 
In addition, a video I created was featured on Huff Post for the You Made a Difference Campaign, started by close friend, Leslie Needleman and Scott Janssen, which thanks teachers for their diligent work within the educational process. My video was for my AP Calculus H.S. teacher, Mr. Perry, who not only studied with Jaime Escalante, an inner city LA teacher whom the movie 'Stand and Deliver' documented, but also instructed me about lifelong investing. In addition, Jerry Penacoli and many inspirational journalists have joined. Make a video for your favorite teacher too! View Article. 
Stephen Seidel's Renegade Reporting has covered red carpets, films, events, and many more. Seidel always asks the questions that need to be answered to make an impact, but listening is what he does best. 

Support local filmmakers and arts programs, to aid in the creative mind infiltration of our youth, both tomorrow's visionaries and today's renegades. Find the renegade within you, and step outside the box-office. -Stephen SeidelRenegade Reporting

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