Everyday Engineering: Thanksgiving Multitasking Must Haves

It's MO-vember, so Men keep growing that mustache to raise awareness for Mens Health, and it's also time to give thanks, while you eat yourself into a coma. Stephen Seidel is going to give you a quick two minute crash course in what to bring to become the party king (or queen).

You can either be last minute lazy and gather up some things around your house, or head over to your local supermarket (Ralph's in LA), but make sure to go early. Make sure to surround yourself with loved ones, friends, or even your dog, and hopefully you can leave the 10 hour turkey cooking duties to someone else. 

Regardless, be prepared to eat your face off, stash leftovers in the back of the fridge, eat again, and at least stay awake until the end of the football games to check your fantasy points. Download Slingbox for your phone too. (See video). Let's hope you're not eating jello mold, but if you are than that means you at least get to see Grandma. Here's what you need and THANK YOU for watching. 

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