Everyday Engineering: Bump for the Holidays

It's holiday season and Everyday Engineering is here to bring you what everyone wants this year,  besides money, love, kisses, and a new smartphone. What they really want are apps to fill their phone full of goodness. And a great way to capture it all is by "bumping",  not in the traditional way, but in the nice anti-confrontational kind of way. 

Bump is a great app, available for iPhones and Androids and allows you to exchange contact information, by simply "bumping" two phones together. It's technology identifies which two phones simultaneously shook and exchanges anything from pictures to social media content. You can also easily bump your business card to a friend, hottie, or that random guy on the back of the bus. 

Here's a quick video to walk you through the application. For more information visit: bu.mp. That's bump with a period in between it, and "bumping" without periods could ALSO happen during this cold holiday season, if you aren't protected properly, which isn't always a bad thing. Otherwise, we'd have no need for Santa. Ho Ho Ho. 

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