Bring Hollywood Home ...or else

Hollywood is the birthplace of entertainment. Similar to the Gold Rush of 1849, many got word and began flooding the West Coast in search of a better future. This eventually led to the creation of the entertainment capital of the world. Flash forward to over a century later, where productions are migrating throughout the US, as well as the world. Runaway production is in full swing and many of LA's small businesses and families are suffering as a result. Los Angeles is home to an abundance of resources for any filmmaker such as: locations, actors, directors, and more. 
Renegade Reporting supports The Bring Hollywood Home Foundation led by the incomparable Sharon Jimenez, as well as the Los Angelenos who are speaking out and making a difference in hopes of "Bringing Hollywood Home". Renegade Reporting's Stephen Seidel was in attendance to both introduce and speak in depth on the red carpet with activists such as: Bill Duke, Martin Guigui, Tyler Lyle, Gary Markowitz, Kevin James, Anna Jimenez and many more. 
View the Online Campaign: Click Here
Please view the Bring Hollywood Home Foundation's First fundraising benefit video, featuring Renegade Reporting, and narrated by the Peabody award winning journalist and first Latino correspondent on NBC Nightly News, Bob Jimenez: 

Bring Hollywood Home supports Kevin James, not the "Mall Cop", but the candidate for Mayor in LA in this Latino Weekly Review article: http://latinoweeklyreview.com/?p=9868

Sign the Petition. http://www.causes.com/causes/809571-bring-hollywood-home-stop-runaway-production/actions/1721623 
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