Renegade Reporting: Jordi Vilasuso on All My Children Finale

Renegade Reporting's (@RenegadeRptg)  with Stephen Seidel (@StephenSeidel) reported live from City 35 Programming's LA Business Today with Jordi Vilasuso on the ending of All of My Children, and the beginning of a new era.

Jordi is a daytime Emmy award winning actor (Guiding Light), who returned to All My Children as Griffin Castillo. His return, was cut off short by the ending of an era, All My Children ended after 40 years on September 23rd. Stephen Seidel was there the day he shot to capture his feelings. In addition, the industry is changing, with twitter, fan interaction, and the internet. Shows are being developed with story lines that will appease both the viewers, but also allow for fans to have say in the outcome. 

If the fans want something bad enough, the producers will most likely listen.... Hint Hint Hint Hint. Jordi still has a few years left on contract, so let's get AMC, streaming online so you can watch WHAT you want, WHEN you want it. Tweet Jordi @JordiVilasuso and @StephenSeidel with hashtag #TakeBackAMC

Stephen Seidel's Renegade Reporting has covered red carpets, films, events, and many more. Seidel always asks the questions that need to be answered to make an impact, but listening is what he does best. 

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