RR: Stephen Seidel IMDB Fresh Face, May Mercy Lie Review

Renegade Reporting's (@RenegadeRptg) host Stephen Seidel (@StephenSeidel) is currently featured as one of 21 actors, as IMDB's Fresh Face, an esteemed honor in the entertainment community. 

May Mercy Lie, the short film produced by Seidel's Renegade Reporting, as well as Aaron Courseault's F Filmz, recently was reviewed by world renowned Emmy broadcaster and documentarian, Bob Jimenez, for Latino Weekly Review. View Link Here. As quoted by Jimenez, "Producer/Writer Stephen Seidel not only walks us into this moral cobweb, he plays the injured man with nerve tugging reality. His eyes are open one minute and closed the next: Seidel's metaphor for seeing either light or darkness."

Jimenez goes on to say, "May Mercy Lie is unmistakable in what it asks: Is mercy killing necessary and moral? Cleverly, Seidel don't answer us, choosing to end his short film in two ways. The audience makes its own choice, one that Seidel, by film's end, convinces us may not be simply circumstantial."

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Stephen Seidel's Renegade Reporting has covered red carpets, films, events, and many more. Seidel always asks the questions that need to be answered to make an impact, but listening is what he does best. Support local filmmakers and arts programs, to aid in the creative mind infiltration of our youth, both tomorrow's visionaries and today's renegades. Find the renegade within you, and step outside the box-office. -Stephen SeidelRenegade Reporting

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