MSN DV Guide: Week in Review (Andy Cohen and Bravo, Pet Pals, Kardashians, Your Brain on Tech, Memorial Day War Film Fest)

Stephen Seidel hosts the online tech meets entertainment show from @MSN DV Guide. This week it was the the final week of DV Guide, write, text, Facebook and page MSN for more. We are on an indefinite hiatus, but I am very thankful for the opportunity. Send me your emails to renegadereporting@gmail.com and I'll surely forward if need be.

Week 15 of DV Guide included Andy Cohen's 'Watch What Happens Live', and the former development executive sure does it right with live questions, and of course a bar, fully stocked. In addition, we covered the infamous pet pal pairings we've all grown to know and love, elephants and dogs, lizards and cats, you name it. Next up, was a review of Kim's booty banking machine and the renewal of another season of 'Keeping Up', we'll be sure to do our squats with Kim, so we can all keep it up. Another fun segment was about the effect of tech on your brain. This is your brain... this is your brain on tech...... sizzle, snap, crackle, pop.....any questions? Let's just say keep your phone within an arms reach, or buy a Pop phone, which has been proven to reduce radiation by over 90 percent. (See picture below).

Lastly, cue 'Taps' military music, we covered the top three best war films of all-time, for the Memorial Day celebration, and the end of the DV guide battle over the information superhighways. Our choices were Platoon, Apocalypse Now, and a third, you'll have to watch the episode for that amazing classic.  There's also the best closing to an online entertainment video journalism show you've ever seen, you might just shed a tear.

DV Guide is your one stop shop for a review of all cable-free content, as well as highlights to apps, websites and what players to use to stream all your entertainment at dvguide.msn.com. Thanks for the news, dreams, and cable-free content. It's time for summer....


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