MSN DV Guide: Week in Review (Chocolate Rain, YouTube Babies, Graduation Films, Dark Shadows, America's Got Talent) McMayhem on FOX

Stephen Seidel hosts the online tech meets entertainment show from @MSN DV Guide. This week it's Tay Zonday's 5 Year Anniversary with 'Chocolate Rain', YouTube Baby Video Cash Machines such as: Charlie Bit my Finger and David at the Dentist, Graduation Films; including me showing my Risky Business, American Pie, and Dazed and Confused ("I keep getting older, they stay the same age. Alright. Alright. Alright."). We also review Dark Shadows old and new, and America's Got Talent now juggling with a new host, Howard Stern.

Speaking of Baby Videos, look at this one I found!! Hilarious, no more DMB!!!

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In addition, Stephen's other project, McMayhem is now airing on MyDamnChannel and the first ever LIVE YouTube Comedy Show every Wed at 1pm PST. McMayhem was featured on the FOX Business segment. Stephen Seidel's Renegade Reporting has covered red carpets, films, events, and many more. Find the Renegade within you!  -Stephen SeidelRenegade Reporting

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