MSN DV Guide: Week in Review (Desperate Housewives Finale, Aereo LIVE TV, Save Your Show, Dictator and Battleship, Jagger on SNL)

Stephen Seidel hosts the online tech meets entertainment show from @MSN DV Guide. This week it was the Biggest Finales of ALL TIME (Seinfeld, Cheers and MASH), Aereo a new live streaming site for TV on your mobile devices or computers, Save your Shows (Just like fans did for Fringe, Chuck, and Cougartown), Blockbuster Battle is on (Dictator, Battleship, and Guy's Choice Award "What to Expect When You're Expecting"), and closing with 'Moves like Jagger' on SNL as the Stones roll into year number 50. The Rolling Stones are 50 years old? Someone get Mick a chair.

Desperate Housewives is done, and I could care less, but I'm sorry to hear people are losing jobs, let's put the cast in the all the new shows so it's like they never left. I remember how disappointed I was with Seinfeld's Finale, oh well. Aereo sounds cool because I'm always missing Live Sports events, and as far as Saving my Show, I like Twitter and all that, but I'd rather save my country, so I'll vote with my dollar and my ballot. I just saw Avengers, and I don't think Dictator, Battleship or What to Expect will hold a candle to over 200 million dollars of production, but I may or may not be wrong. I will support Sasha Baron Cohen because he's crazy, in a good (and bad) way. And lastly, I will be tuning in to see Kristen Wiig leave SNL and watch Mitch rock his comedy. Side bar, my mother used to joke and tell me Mick Jagger was my dad when I was younger, maybe that's why my lips are always chapped. Hmmmm.

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